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Melina the begging

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Description Real pain. From her bones to her vital organs. Her body temperature was rising to such an extent that made her crazy. Whispers were tickling her ears, but no one was standing close enough to make this possible. The wind was picking up dust and blowing it to her face, yet it felt just like grains of gravel coming against her. She vaguely remembered that just a few minutes ago, she was doing something, saying something. She tripped and felt the ground disappearing beneath her feet. She slid toward the sea, while she noticed that a pair of black, bestial eyes was set on her. Whoever he was, he was waiting. She felt her body compressing and pinching, something that could not stop the incomprehensible feeling of the untold completeness that had flooded her. She was sinking. She felt the contrast between the temperature of the frozen water and her hot flesh while the sharp rocks beneath the water cut her mercilessly. An irresistible desire had flooded her. It was neither hunger nor thirst. Only a word prevailed in her mind, only that could satisfy this feeling: Blood.
Year 2012
Original Language
ISBN 978-960-9607-36-0
Format Adobe DRM protected
Pages 336


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